Fender Customshop Masterbuilt Greg Fessler 1969 STRATOCASTER®-Firemist Gold Metallic


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Inspired by the Strat® guitars wielded by the giants of classic rock, the Greg Fessler Builder Select ’69 Stratocaster is a perfect example of the skill
and commitment possessed by the Custom Shop luthiers. Cosmetically this guitar is identical to the
models that came off the line in 1969, played by renowned guitarists such as Gilmour, Blackmore and
Hendrix. “I really like the look of the ‘69s, with the big headstock and everything,” Fessler said. When
asked why he chose Firemist Gold Metallic for the finish he replied with a grin in his voice, “Well, it’s a
vintage-era finish that could be found at the time, and people really like gold.” This thin nitrocellulose
lacquer finish with Journeyman Relic® treatment not only looks great, it allows the guitar’s body to
breathe with extra resonance, sustain and a more natural sound. The Custom Shop pickup complement is the wellknown
“Fessler Set” originally developed in 2006— three hand-wound single-coil pickups carefully selected by Fessler for their classic, highly dynamic
and reactive tone when used together: a singing Custom ‘69 neck pickup, thick Fat ‘50s middle pickup and hot, high output Texas Special bridge pickup.
The wiring is the special sauce that completes this tonal recipe— a treble bleed circuit maintains clarity
while adjusting the guitar’s volume knob, retaining crisp clear high end and creating consistent tone
while “cleaning up” nicely. The traditional control scheme is also slightly altered—one tone control
affects the neck and middle pickups while the second tone control adjusts the bridge pickup for even more tonal variety.
Attention to minute details and master-level craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Greg Fessler’s
carefully researched and constructed instruments—the limited edition Greg Fessler Builder Select ’69
Stratocaster is a premier example of his skill and dedication to the art of luthiery.

  • BODY – Alder
  • FINISH – Nitrocellulose Lacquer
  • Journeyman Relic
  • NECK – Quartersawn Maple with a mid-’60s Oval “C” shape, 9.5” (241 mm) Radius
  • FRETS – Narrow Jumbo
  • HARDWARE – Nickel/Chrome
  • BRIDGE – 6-Saddle American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo
  • PICKUPS – Neck: Custom Shop HW 1969 Single-Coil
  • Middle: Custom Shop HW Fat ‘50s Single-Coil
  • Bridge: Custom Shop HW Texas Special Single-Coil
  • WIRING – Vintage Modified Stratocaster®
  • CONTROLS – Master Volume with Treble Bleed,
  • Tone 1 (Neck & Middle), Tone 2 (Bridge)
  • INCLUDED Certificate, Case, Strap, Cable
  • Gewicht 3,35 kg
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 Greg Fessler C
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