Kool & Elfring – BLACK, Vollröhrentopteil, 50 Watt


Kool & Elfring – BLACK, Vollröhrentopteil, 50 Watt

„Black“ – Das neue Topteil aus dem Hause Kool&Elfring. Auch dieser Amp besticht wie alle Kool&Elfring Produkte mit einer superben Verarbeitung und Klangqualität. Natürlich komplett Handmade in Holland. Klanglich orientiert man sich bei diesem Head ganz klar in die Soldanorichtung. Laut, brutal, aggressiv. Es geht natürlich auch ganz anders, da dieser Amp ungemein flexibel ist. Wunderschöne perlige Cleansounds oder superbe Plexisounds sind natürlich auch möglich. Kool & Elfring beschreibt das so: Roaring like a fighter-jet engine, the „BLACK“ is by far the most brutal amp in the K&E product range. If you’re demanding articulate crushing tone, tons and tons of gain, super fast attack, tight bass respons and ultra fat mids this is your weapon of choice….

  • Main Features:
  • 2 channels: channel 1 (mild/hot) channel 2 (overdrive)
  • 2 modes on channel 1: ‚mild‘ and ‚hot‘
  • SVC – Seamless Volume Control: from 0,1 watt ‚bed room‘ levels to 50 watt ‚Rock Arena‘ levels (no tone loss at lower volumes, no need for power-soak)
  • Ultra wide gain range control for ultimate gain versatility
  • True bypass effects loop
  • SVC Volume boost
  • 3 button footswitch: channel, effects loop, volume boost
  • Outputs 4, 8, 16 Ohm or 2×16, 2×8 Ohm
  • Specification BLACK- 50 Watt:
  • Output: 50 Watts R.M.S.
  • Special designed oversized output transformer
  • Power tubes 2x6CA7 power tubes
  • 5xpre-amp tubes: 4x12AX7 + 1x12AU7(effects loop)
  • Outputs 4, 8, 16 Ohm or 2×16, 2×8 Ohm
  • Weight: approx. 15 kg
  • Handsoldered printed circuit board in the Netherlands by Kool & Elfring
  • Finish & Construction:
  • Handmade A to Z bij Kool & Elfring
  • dimensions: H=25 cm W=50 cm D=25 cm
  • 13 ply lightplex
  • Finger joint corner construction
  • Asymmetrical handle for perfect balance
  • High quality vinyl covering
  • Nickel plated corners
  • Tolex: ‚Black Rose‘

Ch1-mode 1: ‚Clean‘ 

The gain setting starts at splendidly sparkling and dynamically clean. Beyond two o’clock the clean morphs into a clean sound with sweetly organic edge of breakup. The sounds of ch1-Tweed-mode are best described as dynamic, three-dimensional, open and sparkling. It’s warm yet with good definition. This mode reacts perfectly to fuzz and boost pedals plugged into the front.

Channel 2 ‚Overdrive‘ 

The overdrive sounds are harmonically rich full and fat, yet tasteful, organical and musical. The sound of channel 2 is characterized by natural compression, super fat bass, even harmonics and unparalleled sustain. Whatever gain setting you’ll choose, it will always give a killer sound that cuts through the mix with ease. Channel 2 responds excellent to the volume-pot of your guitar.

SVC Volume Boost

The foot-switchable SVC Volume Boost enables you to soloboost channel 1 and channel 2 with adjustable volume control. In fact the SVC Volume Boost is an extra SVC Volume knob, with the exact same function as the original SVC volume knob. Turn this boost knob a little further than the SVC knob, engage the boost-button on your footswitch and your solo’s will be boosted unlike you’ve ever experienced. It is like having a crew member turnig up your SVC volume whenever you start soloing, absolute guitarplayer luxury!

True bypass effects loop (foot-switchable) 
The effects loop is buffered by 12AU7 tube. Adding the 12AU7, for several reasons, is not the cheapest solution but the 12AU7 does this job best as it affects the original signal least. The effects loop’s volume knob enables you to amplify, attenuate or balance the signal. Last but not least: You can true-bypass the effects loop with the footswitch! Tech talk: True bypass is achieved by a double relay switch at the front- and back of the loop. When the loop is being bypassed the loop physically disappears from the signal path.

SVC -Seamless Volume Control- (Tube amp volume under control !) 
As both channels have individual gain and master volume controls, it’s easy to find your sweet spot on each channel. In the power section you’ll find an extra ‘total’ volume control which enables you to balance both channels volume levels, perfect for playing ‚live‘. But there is another amazing and unique feature called SVC (Seamless Volume Control). The power section ‘total’ volume control is capable of producing 0,1 Watt bedroom levels yet retaining great tone. So from now on the power-soak is a thing of the past!