BAD CAT Classic Deluxe 20 R

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Der Bad Cat Classic Deluxe 20 R ist ein einkanaliger Vollröhrencombo in Class A Bauweise 20 Watt. Bad Cat wirbt damit, das der Classic Deluxe einen Blackface Sound hat. Dem kann ich nur zustimmen, der Amp klingt wie ein Teil aus den sechzigern….Laut, dynamisch, rotzig, clean und sehr geschmeidig…Er hat einen Effekteinschleifweg und 4 Regler (Volume, Bass, Treble, Reverb) Mehr braucht es nicht, um aus diesem Amp Sounds rauszuzaubern die so richtig Charakter haben. Es macht unglaublich viel Spass mit diesem Amp zu arbeiten. Nachstehend Originalproduktbeschreibung von BAD CAT.  

This is our take on the famous blackface sound that came out of California in the 1960’s. Punchy, articulate, sparkle without the sharp in the highs. We brought the sweet Bad Cat sound to this classic circuit. The gain is tighter and more usable with double coil guitars where as the single coils have more shimmer to the notes. You will find that your guitar will sit in the mix better. With less volume needed to punch out, you won’t find yourself involved in the volume wars with the rest of the band.

Country, Classic Rock, Jazz, Blues it’s all here. Small and portable with a huge sounding well designed cabinet. Available in a 1×12 combo or head configuration. Hand-wired and hand-built construction harkens back to the way amps used to be made. Point-to-point hand soldered, 16 gauge steel chassis insures this is an investment grade instrument built to last. Thirteen ply Baltic birch construction, built entirely by hand at our facilities in California.


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